Expediting and Inspection
Expediting & Inspection mgr

Mission Tasks

Guarantees expediting, inspections and testing of the purchased goods, assuring quality, respect for deadlines and minimising service costs.


Professional Skills

1) Makes sure, during the initial phase of a new project, that the Expediting, Inspection and Testing Programme is updated, in order to properly set out the project and to assure that all contact with suppliers is fully coordinated. 2) Co-ordinates and controls any external company services in areas of Expediting, Inspection, and Testing, providing them with the company methodology, instruments and catalogued reports. 3) Obtains from suppliers the documentation relating to activities of Expediting, Inspection and Testing to be carried out and Intermediate and Final Certificates, Release Notes, etc. 4) Ensures the definition of suppliers Quality control plan in agreement with the Project needs and Client's requirements. 5) Gets periodic updates relating to supply progress and makes sure that technical specifications and quality standards are respected. 6) Deals with suppliers' requests for changes in technical specifications of Purchase Orders, working together with Engineering and Purchasing. 7) Attends to meeting with transport in order to minimize the time between the delivery of the goods and the pick up by the forwarding agent. 8) Compares supply deadline times with order and contractually agreed times. 9) Manages important procurement events connected with payment and progress (certificate) of supply, both with supplier and if necessary with the customer. This activity is to be carried out in strict collaboration with the Project Manager/Procurement Coordinator , in agreement with contractual stipulations. 10) Manages application of penalties/liquidated damages in case of late completion of the PO contractual obligations on the part of the supplier. 11) Collects all As Built documentation requested in PO as contractual obligation (Realise Notes, Inspection Certificates, Testing Certificates, etc) 12) Manages non conformity and relevant corrective actions. 13) Provides feedback information on Vendors' performance.