Warehouse Coordinator

Mission Tasks

To ensure efficient and cost-effective management of warehouses, guaranteeing constant, optimised service in the fulfilment of projects and work orders.


Professional Skills

1) To co-ordinate the organisation of storage facilities, and to ensure their optimal positioning in terms of cost-efficiency and geographical coverage. 2) To ensure efficient and cost-effective management of warehouses, guaranteeing reception, storage, preservation and distribution of consumable materials. 3) To ensure prompt distribution of materials on request of operative work orders or maintenance, guaranteeing the optimisation of services provided to projects. 4) To guarantee monitoring of deadlines and the notification of delays in the delivery of materials by suppliers, to request intervention of the organs responsible. 5) To guarantee that materials are checked in compliance with established specifications. 6) To guarantee the structuring of inventory procedures regarding stored equipment and spare parts and of updating procedures. 7) To ensure correct taking of inventories and the notification of obsolete spare parts or materials for elimination. 8) To guarantee that samples by checking at least 2% of coded goods in loading are taken. 9) To guarantee that samples to check the correctness of handling operations are taken. 10) To locate warehouse stocks subject to slow handling, obsolescence and/or in excess of normal requirements. 11) To organise the warehouse, checking that the company procedures are implemented correctly, and ensuring training of warehouse personnel as regards accounting and IT procedures. 12) To identify and prearrange material storage sites, and to co-ordinate the physical depositing of spare parts and materials. 13) To guarantee / carry out audits / inspections in the stores in accordance with the company procedures.